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12-Round Boxing Shadowboxing Workout

12-Round Boxing Shadowboxing Workout

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Can you last all 12 rounds?

Commit to 3 or 4.

Feeling strong? Go for 6!

See how tough you really are.

🥊Follow along to this audio mp3/video boxing workout, coaching you through entries/exits, defensive cues, and tactical punch combinations to strengthen your foundations and develop endurance in the most sport-specific way possible (without a partner).

This training tool comes complete with 12 three-minute rounds, each followed by a 60-second rest period where Shane provides one-on-one instruction in between each bell, talking you through breathing exercises, tips to keep your technique on point, and preparing you for the next round.

🚦Easy • Medium • Hard — work to your level! Each round presents a unique strategy, while progressively building off of the previous rounds, making this game very challenging for high level pros, yet understandable enough for beginners to follow along with ease.

You’ll find yourself coming back for more, getting stronger with each round you gain under your belt.

Audio workouts by Shane Fazen have been trusted and used by pro fighters, beginners, and coaches around the world to help hone their fight skills for decades 🥇

What are you waiting for? We’ll provide the round timer, instruction, and encouragement needed to become one tough somevuh gun. You’ll just need to dedicate a few rounds…

Ready to give it a shot?

This product is a digital download. You will receive (1) vertical video and (1) mp3 audio file of a 12 Round Shadowboxing Workout (nearly 60 minutes of training!)

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