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5-Round Muay Thai Program

5-Round Muay Thai Program

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🥊 This downloadable Muay Thai program will strengthen your balance, endurance, and counter-fighting skills. These drills will teach you to fight at all ranges, including the clinch, with elbows and knees. 

You will receive (1) vertical video + (1) mp3 audio file for 20 minutes of training.

Complete with 5 three-minute rounds: get one step closer to your fitness goals after just 1 use; each round is followed by a 60-second rest period. Shane provides one-on-one instruction between each bell with breathing exercises, technique tips, and strategies for the next round.

🚦 Work to your level! Each round presents a unique strategy, progressively building from previous rounds, making it easy to follow for beginners, yet challenging for high-level pros.

This tool works great as a solo shadowboxing or heavybag drill -- But it can be done with a partner, too!

🥇 Audio workouts by Shane Fazen have been trusted and used by pro fighters, beginners, and coaches around the world.

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