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Power Punching Program: Hit like a Heavyweight

Power Punching Program: Hit like a Heavyweight

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Everybody respects a power puncher - stop throwing pillow hands.

This downloadable conditioning mini-course will develop frightening punching power to add more knockouts to your record.

You will receive 5 files containing (14) exercises for a complete 20 minutes of training, including:

👋 Intro + Power Sensitivity Drill
🏃‍♂️ Part 1: Bodyweight Exercises
🏋️ Part 2: Resistance Training
🥊 Part 3: Punching Drills
📄 + a PDF guided daily regimen

The only equipment required for this program is a soft medicine ball and heavybag or punch shield.

Don't let your size dictate your power. No matter what your weight, this mini-course is designed to transform your fists into sledgehammers.

🥇 Combat sports workouts by Shane Fazen have been trusted and proven by pro fighters, beginners, and coaches around the world since 2004.


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