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Becoming an Energy Vampire: Zap Your Opponent’s Gas Tank

Becoming an Energy Vampire: Zap Your Opponent’s Gas Tank

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This mini-course will help you develop an elite level gas tank and provide strategies to drain your opponent’s energy!

🧛 A tired opponent is an easy opponent 🩸

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This mini-course includes:

10 videos (for a total of 35 minutes) of fight strategies and conditioning exercises broken down by Coach Shane Fazen, including:

🫁 Part 1: Optimizing Your Breathing

  • Optimizing your Inhales
  • Optimizing your Exhales

🫀 Part 2: Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • 55 MPH Pacing Drill
  • Aerobic Training
  • Anaerobic Training
  • ATP-CP Training

🤼 Part 3: Fight Strategies

  • Weather the Storm
  • Psychological Pressure
  • No Wasted Energy
  • Investing in the Body
  • Striking on The Break
  • Make them Carry You
  • Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
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